Pumpkin Heads by Rainbow Rowell and Faith Erin Hicks

This may not be a spooky read (although I don’t fancy being chased by a goat) but how can a graphic novel called ‘Pumpkin Heads’ not be read in October?

Graphic novels are hard to review because, let’s be honest, the beauty is in the illustrations – which you will have to trust me are absolute beauties. However, this story was beautiful too – I read it in one sitting.

Deja and Josie have worked together for many seasons at the Pumpkin Patch. They are indeed Pumpkin Heads, especially Josie, who can’t seem to accept that it is his last shift at the Pumpkin Patch. Deja decides that they are not going to waste this opportunity to experience everything that there is on offer at their place of work. However, it becomes more of an adventure of self-discovery which neither was quite expecting.

Throughout the book, there are so many little nods to where the tale may be going, which makes it even more wonderful to read.

This is just a perfect graphic novel that brings some light and light relief in these rather turbulent times.

Now, all I need is a Pumpkin Patch with so many treats and fun and games to add to October adventures.

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