The Secret Life of Albert Entwistle by Matt Cain

I have recently seen a lot of love for the writing of Matt Cain, and when I saw a sneaky opportunity to snap up a bargain-price copy of ‘The Secret Life of Albert Entwistle’ – I just knew I had to.

This book did not disappoint me at all; in fact, I may go as far as saying that this could well be one of my books of the year – if not my book of the year. I absolutely adored every single thing about this book. It is a true hug in a book, which really should be a genre.

Albert Entwistle has never really revealed who he really is. He has spent his life as a postman, following a routine every day, and keeping people at a distance. However, when he finds out that his retirement is on the horizon and starts to open his eyes a little more to the community around him, he starts to make some changes to his life. And, maybe, he will finally address the past that has held him back for so many years – having the courage to find the man he had lost so many years before, and who he has never forgotten.

This is almost a coming of age story for the older gentleman, and a story of acceptance. Nobody should ever be scared to reveal their real self.

I think Albert Entwistle is one of my favourite characters that I have ever discovered in a book. You just want him to find his happy ending and see all the love and acceptance that is around him, and that he no longers needs to hide in plain sight. And I would like to thank Matt Cain for bringing Albert to life for us all.

So, if you have not read this book, I really recommend you pick it up, as it is a story that will stay with you forever – a truly heartwarming read.

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