An Unwanted Inheritance by Imogen Clark

I was due to read ‘An Unwanted Inheritance’ back in December, when I was kindly gifted a copy by Tandem Collective UK – however, it never made it. I had give up hope and just thought it was one of those things that was just not meant to be – however, out of the blue it appeared on my doormat, so I had my little readalong on my own.

‘An Unwanted Inheritance’ is an excellent study of human relationships, especially within the family unit. When three siblings are left with a suitcase full of cash after the sudden death of their father, everything that they thought they knew is brought under the microscope. We follow the three siblings as they try to make decisions about what the right thing to do with their ‘unwanted inheritance’ is (well, it is more unwanted by some than others) but, also, as they try to solve the mystery of where exactly the money came from or who exactly their father was.

What keeps you reading, however, is the character study. I enjoyed seeing how each character reacted to the situation, or at least the situation as they saw it. How, sometimes, people can not see what is right under their nose, or accept what is in front of them. And how money can really impact people in so many ways, some often being very negative.

So, if you are a fan of a book that is character led (although, do not expect to like all the characters, because I certainly did not) and a plot that is guided more by the characters, then this is the book for you. It may even make you reflect on your own character at times.

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