The Woman in Black by Susan Hill

As we have hit Autumn, it is definitely time for spooky or thrilling reads. So, I decided to kick that off with ‘The Woman in Black’ by Susan Hill.

This book was a perfect October read. A really traditional ghost story with all the chills: a mysterious house, isolated on the moors, and a locked room – all the ingredients of a spooky set-up. Especially when you throw in the villagers that are not keen to talk about the house. You know there are going to be some thrills and chills ahead of you.

I do not want to present any spoilers for those who have not read it; however, the conclusion of the tale threw me, and that shows what a great read it is. I even stayed up past my bedtime to finish this book as I had to know the solution to the mystery – and then bam, the ending.

I will certainly be adding more Susan Hill books to my to-be-read pile, because she has started spooktober well for me.

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