Thursday Thoughts: The Tasting Notes Live

So, on the 2nd October I did something that I never, ever thought I would do – I attended a bookish event and I did not know anybody there. Well, other than from the little squares of book club or bookstagram. And, it was one of the best bookish days ever.

The brilliant Book Taster (Jenna) organised the most fantastic day at the beautiful Priory Theatre in Kenilworth. On arrival, we each received a perfectly bookish goodie bag (and I was so excited as I could fangirl over my ‘Evie’ badge – if you know, you know).

There were five fantastic authors speaking about their books (which, of course means that I have so many more books on my wishlist):

Matson Taylor

Marianne Cronin

Lucy Cuthrew

Katy Collins

Emma Cooper

Each was so entertaining to listen to, and engaged with the audience, even meeting the fans and signing books.

Jenna was a perfect host of the event. We had fun and games from the word go. There was also a fantastic bookish raffle with great prizes – from fantastic small businesses and great publishers. There was bookish merchandise and coffee, tea and treats to keep all our strength up.

It was real chance to feel part of a perfect bookish community. Spending a whole day with the bestest book buddies, I would love to do it all again. So, thank you Jenna, ‘The Book Taster’, for creating such a special event.

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