The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett

The fourth title we have tackled from ‘The Women’s Prize for Fiction’ shortlist is ‘The Vanishing Half’, and I can’t believe I have left it on my shelf for so long. This book is beautiful and certainly deserves to be nominated.

I am not sure that I can do this book justice. It is so moving and complex, and handles the idea of race and prejudice brilliantly. Leaving the reader to really evaluate the impact that racial identities and all that comes with that can have on an individual.

Two twins who grow up in the same southern black community witness the tragic consequences of racial prejudice. At the age of 16, they both run away together; however, as time passes, their lives divide – one returning to their childhood home and the other living a ‘white’ life. However, their lives are reconnected – and will that allow Stella to keep her secret?

It may feel uncomfortable to think someone wants to hide their identity as much as Stella – but it is certainly thought-provoking, especially with recent events.

I just adored this book and hope everyone will read it, because it is quite an education. And, identity and prejudice is tackled with each and every character. Just stunning!

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