Grown Ups by Marian Keyes

Returning to a novel by Marian Keyes is like catching up with an old friend. So, I do ask myself why ‘Grown Ups’ was left unread on my shelf for so long – I now realise that was a mistake.

I devoured this book, all 656 pages of it, as I could not put it down. This is a book that does what Marian Keyes does best, and examines family relationships in all their complex glory.

Told back from one fateful family dinner and then showing us what happens next, we follow the chaotic Casey family. Each have their secrets and their own journey of self-discovery, which takes them to the dinner and beyond. The glamorous life presented to the outside world is certainly not always as it seems. And, as always, this is handled beautifully by Marian Keyes’ writing style and narrative. There is so much warmth and wit amongst the pages, and tough topics are handled sensitively and with care. And, on the very final page, I shed a tear, as I felt I had been on quite a journey with the Casey family, and for all of those who deserved a happy ending – that was certainly on the horizon.

To put it simply, I adored this book and was not disappointed by it at all. In fact, it has reminded me that there are still some of the novels of Marian Keyes that I am yet to read, and I really must change that soon.

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