Roar by Cecelia Ahern

As I started this collection of short stories, I was not too sure about it to begin with. However, as I kept going, I realised what a fascinating collection of tales this is.

There is an element of fantasy to the tales, which may put some readers off. However, the elements of fantasy in fact makes the stories what they are – and adds to the comments being made about women in society.

Each story is about a different unamed woman, because we can probably all put ourselves into the story, as these are tales of all women in all situations. They are also stories that pass comment on the society we love in and the position of women within that society. It really challenges some of the old-fashioned ideas that, sadly, can still so easily be part of our world. Gender identity is also very cleverly challenged on several occasions, and if women really do always have the support of women.

Also, I really likes the visualisation of some phrases we hear more often than we should. The first that really struck me was ‘being left on the shelf’. In the story that presents this idea, it is probably not presented quite as you expect, but does make you think about women and the path life may take – or, at least, maybe the path society pre-define it should take.

This is really quite a thought-provoking read. A collection of modern-day stories to empower women and maybe lead you to evaluate your ideas or the life you lead.

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