Unwritten Letters to Spring Street by Jacquelyn Frith

This is certainly a book for those who have an interest in the events of World War Two. Especially those events in the East, from the bombing of Pearl Harbour onwards.

The book looks specifically at one youne man Jack Frith, as he experiences not only the horror of war but also time as a prisoner of war. A brutal and harrowing experience.

However, this tale does not end there. This presents the investigation into the search for justice for what happened, sadly, to so many something that has an impact on not only the future of those involved, but also part of the heritage and history of all of us.

Clearly developed with evidence that is presented throughout to the reader, Frith allows us to follow the narrative of events and draw our own conclusions. Which, we all know, is part of a good history book as well as the mark of a good historian.

You will be asking youself many questions as you read this, especially about the cost of war. However, the one that strikes me, and that I am often discussing with others, is who are the enemies in war? Is each individual an enemy?

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