Warcross by Marie Lu

This was not a title I was sure I would enjoy – despite how beautiful the cover is – however, I really enjoyed it.

This was an engaging tale of mystery and intrigue. Set in the world of gaming, it reminded me of the Hunger Games as the teams took on their challenges, although it is all a virtual world. However, virtual reality does not mean it keeps the central character Emika Chen any safer – in fact, it probably puts her in more danger. Is she blinded by the ‘new’ life she is experiencing in Tokyo as part of the games? After all, it gives her the kind of life she has probably been craving for longer than she realises.

For me, the attraction of this tale was that nothing at all is as it seems. It is a clear warning of the power that too much technology could give one individual. Will we reach a point of technology giving too much control to the minority rather than the majority – an all-too-real fear even now in the 21st century. Lu cleverly leaves you wanting more as she concludes this novel, leaving it on a clear but not too dramatic cliffhanger. I certainly can’t wait to find out what happens next.

Any one else given Warcross a go? Have you found it a surprise?

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