The Break by Marian Keyes

One think I love about Autumn (although there are many) is that so many wonderful books are published. 2017 has meant a new Marian Keyes novel and I was counting down until it was published.

I was not disappointed when I picked this book up – immediately I was drawn into the ‘adventure’ all the characters were about to embark on.

It is a fascinating study of all sorts of relationships. This tale is not just about ‘The Break’ and the impact that it has on Hugh and Amy at the centre of the story, but the many ripples that come from it and impact other characters. There is, also, a clever reflection of how life carries on for everyone, despite what other events may be taking place. For me, the inner strength that so many of the characters found in tough times was inspiring and, in fact, ‘The Break’ did not just apply to Amy and Hugh and what they went through, but also the desire that others may have to find a ‘break’ from the lives they’re living.

As always Marian Keyes handles all the issues she tackles with humour and warmth. She manages to empathise with so many experiences that her readers may be facing and it always seems to be like you are reading about friends and not strangers.

As I read this novel, I laughed, I cried (just a little) and I never wanted to put it down. I have to thank my lovely friend Erin Green for introducing me to the novels of Marian Keyes one World Book Night a few years ago, because, since then, she has become one of my favourite authors.

Have you ever read any novels by Marian Keyes? Do you have a favourite?

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