Someone Else’s Shoes by Jojo Moyes

As I am tackling my tbr pile, I decided to pick up ‘Someone Else’s Shoes’, especially as I had seen one of my best book buddies pick it up, too. This has been on the shelf for about a year which, for me, is not too long, haha!

I love the concept of this story: how a twist of fate can lead you to walk in someone else’s shoes. And how this, in turn, leads you down a path that you may have never imagined, but also reflect on the past, present and what the future may hold. This book tackles a whole host of topics, including relationships, mental health and identity, but it does all this with charm, wit and sensitivity.

Although to start with, I did not fall in love with our two main characters, Sam and Nisha, as the story progresses and, little by little, you learn more about them, you do start to root for them and hope that they will find the happiness that they are both looking for. And I have to say, the moment where Nisha achieves her revenge on her unpleasant ex-husband is quite a moment.

However, for me, this book was a little too long. It is a fantastically well-constructed story and there is so much among the pages, but I did find the length of the chapters a little long at points. There were odd moments where I found myself skim-reading, while still keeping the thread of the story.

Yet, please do not let that put you off as this is a classic Jojo Moyes with fantastically strong female characters (even if they do not realise it at the time), and warmth and humour that makes the reading experience a joy. I am always keen to see what Jojo Moyes will write, and I do need to make sure that I go back through some of her backlist.

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