The Wake-Up Call by Beth O’Leary

I chose this book as I decided that everyone needs a feel-good read in January. Again, surprise, it has been on my shelf for a little while, as I purchased it because I just loved its cover and all its colours.

However, ‘The Wake-Up Call’ was not my favourite Beth O’Leary novel (I am sorry to all the die-hard fans). Something just slightly missed the mark for me. I enjoyed the concept of the overall story, working to save something you love with a fun group of characters around you. However, I think, for me, there was not enough of this, and there was too much of the Izzy and Lucas central characters and their ‘will they, won’t they’ storyline. Which, of course, is a classic and much-loved trope in a romantic-comedy, but I think it was a little long, and I am not sure I believed that a miscommunication would go on for quite so long between two people who work together pretty much all day, every day.

I finished the book, and I am glad that I did, as it was nice to spend some time in this world – but I could also just spend a little less time in the world. One thread throughout the book about lost property (all I can say without giving too much of the story away) and the sentimental attachment we can have to different objects was a joy. In fact, at moments, it was beautifully emotional.

In conclusion, I think this was a miss for me, because I just did not gel with it in the way I hoped. I was not always keen to jump back into the world of ‘The Wake-Up Call’; however, do not get me wrong, I will still be excited to read the next book from Beth O’Leary when it hits the shelves. This one just has not stolen the top spot.

What is your favourite Beth O’Leary book?

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