Educated by Tara Westover

This is a book that I had seen around for quite some time and I had been intrigued about it. So, when a friend offered me the chance to read this memoir, I jumped at the chance.

This book was such a fascinating memoir, it really opens your eyes to the difference that can so easily be established around the world. How religion, politics and education can so easily be manipulated, misunderstood and used as excuses and reasons for behaviour that many of us may find strange and unusual.

There has to be praise for Tara Westover for being brave enough to share her story. But this journey has made her who she is and has spurred her on to become the woman that she is. This memoir, at moments, is absolutely heartbreaking as you can see how Tara Westover struggles with the conflicting ideas she has developed about the importance and opportunity that education appears to be offering, yet her family appear to not accept it at all. However, when she realises that education is probably the only way she will break the cycle of how she is living, she does make a brave decision to embrace education rather that continue to live as she has.

It is a little difficult to review what seems like such a personal memoir (although it has been shared with all the readers, of course).

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