Summer Fever by Kate Riordan

The June book pick for The Book Taster’s ‘The Tasting Notes Bookclub’ was ‘Summer Fever’ by Kate Riordan. And, what a perfectly titled book for the current heatwave (the name of Kate Riordan’s first book) many of us are suffering/enjoying, depending on your point of view.

All the summer fever occurs in Italy for this book and I adored all the sense of scene that was created through the writing, as Italy is one of my favourite places in the world, and it certainly felt like you were there. I was not disappointed at the descriptions of the area, food and drink – as they are some of my favourite things. And I am sure we have all had a bit of a fantasy of getting away from it all and finding some adventure in a beautiful villa.

However, this does not become quite the adventure or new start that Nick and Laura are expecting, even if the villa’s name, Luna Rossa, sounds perfectly idyllic. Their attempt to establish a guesthouse for those also looking for a chance to get away, in fact, highlights the cracks in their marriage – especially when their first guests arrive, who may not be quite as much strangers as you may expect. Will this become a summer that everyone wants to forget?

I think that some of this story was not a surprise in points, and it followed the expected tropes of its genre. But, if you are looking for something to read by the pool, in the sunshine, with a glass of wine or your favourite summer beverage, it could be the book for you.

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