From Shetland, With Love at Christmas by Erin Green

This is our second trip to Shetland with the writing of Erin Green and it is just as wonderful as the first time. I kicked off my festive reading with this gem – got me ready for Christmas.

The beautiful craft centre at Lerwick Manor is now open and preparing for the Christmas season. All our favourite characters are there, just like before, but this time we are on an adventure with Nessie (a blacksmith), Verity (a new recruit) and Isla (baker extraordinaire). Each woman is on their own path through life, and work, on a quest for happiness.

This book is like a hug – and even though life is not always as smooth as you would hope, with friends, love and support a silver lining can be found. I have to be honest, I may have had a little cry towards the end of the book. This story is like making new friends and certainly means that you will want to visit the beautiful Shetland Isles (well, I assume it is beautiful – I am really keen to find out).

I absolutely cannot wait for our next trip to Shetland and the next fabulous characters we will meet – or be reunited with.

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