Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

With a lovely bunch og bookstagrammers who form ‘The Big Classics Book Club’, I have just finished ‘Gone with the Wind’. Confession number one: I have never seen the film. Confession number two: I would never have read the book without my lovely book club pals.

‘Gone with the Wind’ is a wonderful story. I realise that some of the attitudes and language may be questionable in our more enlightened times, however, you read it with modern eyes and historical context. The writing is delightful; I was drawn in from page one. The characters are so vividly created, you have images of each in your head as you read. And the drama – I am not sure I have ever read anything so melodramatic (and addictive).

Also, there are some surprises and, for me, that was the strong female leads. Scarlett, although a little Marmite at times, is a fantastic character; an incredibly strong and determined young woman, even in the darkest of times. And Melly, her most loyal friend, has a quiet strength that eventually shines in the story.

In fact, the men are often the foolish characters. Although, Rhett Butler, with all his faults, is quite a romantic hero.

I was honestly blown away by this book. My love of history wants to research all the events and my love of reading adored the escapism and the drama.

So, please, don’t be put off by those big classics – find a buddy and read them. They honestly can be quite surprising.

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