The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

I was lucky enought to be selected for a global readalong of ‘The Notebook’ as part of ‘The Tandem Collective Global Readalong’, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this book’s publication. (Yes, I know 25 years – what?)

I know ‘The Notebook’ from the film and, like so many others, I have sobbed. I was really intrigued if the book would be as emotional and if, maybe, the film would be better than the book. (I know I should hand in my bookworm card now, as that is a terrible thing to say).

‘The Notebook’ is a beautiful book. Told in the present through the reading of the notebook, we follow the romance of Allie and Noah – a truly lifelong romance. I do not want to spoil the tale in case there is one person out there who doesn’t know it. Other than to say this is a true love story between two people who are ideally suited, even if the society of the time is not so sure.

It has been a while since I have seen the film (and I have not yet braved a revisit), but I will say the book is better. Noah is a much more sympathetic character throughout compared to the film, certainly less gruff. Allie is an impressive lady who knows her own mind and, despite expectations, is willing to follow her head and her heart.

It is a really emotional and heartbreaking read. But it is also hopeful. I absolutely loved it and think I should probably read more of Nicholas Sparks’ novel (once I have recovered from this one).

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