Thursday Thoughts: Does it matter what I read?

I am sure you have realised that I absolutely love reading. And I will happily give almost anything a go (although I am not really a Sci-fi fan). However, I do think sometimes people feel judged by their reading choices and that is really not wha this hobby is about. In fact, if you think you would enjoy a book you should read it.

I really enjoy YA fiction – I am not the target audience, but who cares? All that matters is that it is the chance to read a good story. And, to be honest, it is an opportunity to learn something and see things from other perspectives, and develop empathy for those who may be the target audience.

However, I also dislike some of the snobbery that comes with genres, like the idea of ‘chick lit’ or ‘beach reads’. What is wrong with books with strong female characters? After all, surely ‘Little Women’ is a perfect piece of ‘chick lit’ classed as a classic. And surely a beach read is something that helps you unwind on a holiday, and that is certainly different for all of us.

So, do not worry about the books you want to read – if it makes you happy and helps you unwind, then pick it up and enjoy the escapism.

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