The Exiles by Jane Harper

I was so excited when I went to the library and discovered that they had ‘The Exiles’ by Jane Harper on the shelf. I absolutely love the books of Jane Harper and I could not wait to have the chance to be reacquainted with one of my favourite characters, Aaron Falk. And, as we know, I am on a bit of a thriller/crime streak with my book choices at the moment, so that meant I could definitely take the book out, despite all those books on my shelf at home (where I am suposed to be making my choices from).

Now, I am not going to spoil this book for anyone, as I know there are so many Jane Harper and Aaron Falk fans out there, but I am going to try and share some thoughts about the novel with you all. It will be no surprise that I absolutely loved this book.

I think the thing I always like most about these books is that the scenery and the landscape become as much of a character as the actual characters do. And that was the case in this book, just as it had been in the others. I felt like I was there in the small Australian town, experiencing all the things that the characters were experiencing. So, it will come as no surprise that this was a real page-turner that I could not put down.

This book also felt like a natural progression for Aaron Falk: he again manages to solve a crime (well, more than one) and helps the town and its residents move on. But, also, Aaron Falk seems to have naturally developed as a character in this book, as he has found a solid group of friends who have made him feel as though he belongs. He certainly seemed a more vulnerable character than we have seen before. I thought this was fantastic because, as a reader, I felt as though I have been on Aaron Falk’s journey of discovery with him.

I think it is safe to say that Jane Harper has secured herself a place as one of my favourite authors, and Aaron Falk as one of my favourite characters. He may be a flawed man (as they all are – I mean, that is what seems to make a fantastic detective), but he is a definitely a believable character.

If you have enjoyed Jane Harper’s other books, then I can guarantee that you will enjoy this one, too.

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