Wahala by Nikki May

In preparation for the up and coming ‘Tasting Notes Live‘ I am starting to make sure that I have read the books by the incredible authors who will be appearing at the event. And one of those incredible authors is Nikki May. I am also still shopping my shelves, as this was a little treat to myself earlier this year after a visit to one of my favourite independent bookshops – Warwick Books.

‘Wahala’ is Nikki May’s debut novel and – wow – what a read it is. I was attracted to stunning cover of the paperback and thought I was letting myself in for a bit of a cosy read about female friendships. But this book is about so much more.

I mean, do not get me wrong, female friendships are a strong central theme – and a fascinating study of them it is too. But (and this is why I love not reading the blurb) this was a bit of a thriller too, which, if you judge the book by its cover, you would not expect. Why exactly is so much ‘wahala’ occurring and causing strain for three best friends who have always been rock solid?

I think this book has one of the best villains that I have met amongst the pages of a book. A true character that you love to hate. And that really added to the enjoyment of reading this book, especially as it is not exactly who you expect it to be.

There is so much in this book and I do not want to spoil it for anyone else if they hope to pick it up, but I will add that if you decide to read this then you will not be disappointed. This is a sophisticated story about friendships, relationships, family dynamics and self-discovery, with the edge of a thriller. It will keep you turning the pages and just wanting to find out more about these three women and their lives.

I am even more excited about the next live event now I have read this book, and about having the chance to hear Nikki May talk about her fantastic debut novel.

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