Christmas Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

A friend lent me this book Christmas 2020, and to my shame I only picked it up Christmas 2022, as I fancied just this type of read as we battled through the last week of work. I, also, had not been the biggest fan of the first Shopaholic book, although I did enjoy the film, so maybe I had been subconsciously putting it off a little.

However, that may have been a little bit of a mistake as, actually, I rather enjoyed this book. And I thought the writing had developed since the first Shopaholic book.

This is a story full of humour and warmth. Becky is just a character who shows such tenacity and has such a kind heart, even if sometimes she manages to get herself into some rather crazy situations, which may occasionally seem a little far-fetched – but that make for a rather fun read, which is just what you need in the festive season.

I found myself ready to catch up with Becky every day, and it was a little like reading about a friend (especially, as I certainly know someone who is a little bit Becky) and although it may not be groundbreaking it is a joy to read and great fun.

So, sometimes it is worth reading that book that has been hanging around for a while, because you may be surprised after all.

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