The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley

The Book Taster has given us such a treat as the November book pick in the form of ‘The Paris Apartment’ by Lucy Foley. This has been on my wishlist for quite some time, so the fact that ‘The Book Taster’ granted that wish, and that I get to read this book with so many of my fantastic book buddies, makes it even more of a joy.

So, when it is a thriller, it can be so hard to write a post because I absolutely refuse to risk giving spoilers. So, please excuse me if this is not a particularly long or detailed post. However, I can tell you that I really enjoyed this book. The start is sufficiently creepy, which makes it an instant page-turner. You just have to know what happens next and if Jess can find her brother Ben.

Then we are led all through the mystery, from the eyes of many different characters, with twists and turns galore. Until a conclusion that I was not expecting – but one that was very well done.

I enjoyed this book a lot, but I am not sure it is my favourite of Lucy Foley’s books. It was just a little longer than I think it needed to be in the middle – but that could be more the fault of how tired I have been when reading it, rather than the fault of the book. I mean, I was still keen to pick it up when I had the chance to read it and find out where the story was going, so it is not a huge criticism – and I will definitely be recommending it to those who enjoy a thrilling read with a strong female lead.

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