Still Life by Sarah Winman

I have peaked too soon? Have I already read the best book I will read in 2022?

‘Still Life’ was a novel that I had seen all over bookstagram and BBC Two’s brilliant book show ‘Between the Covers’. So, when I spotted it in the sales, I decided to pick up a copy, especially as it is so pretty.

I am not sure I know how to put my love of this book into words. It is so beautifully written, and the descriptions of Florence and Italian life are just perfection. I was transported to Florence and it made me long for a trip to Italy (although I have to confess that my heart probably belongs to northern Italy and Venice, I love the whole country).

But what truly drew me into this book was the wonderful collection of characters and the relationships established between each of them, and with the city of Florence and Tuscany. I was invested in everyone’s story and each personal journey – I laughed, loved and lived with each of these characters.

It also really emphasised the impact that one simple moment can have on your future. And how missing those moments can have just as much of an influence on the path someone may take through life. Evelyn and Ulysses are two wonderful examples of how to make the most of the life we are given.

This book truly got under my skin, and I am convinced that it is one I will return to – it will be lke returning to old friends and memories.

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  1. This definitely sounds like a book for me. Although, I love Italy in general and Rome and Venice in particular, Florence is one of my favourite places on earth (I used to guide tours there). Thanks for your highly stimulating review which has told me just enough to make me buy this for sure!

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