Mrs England by Stacey Halls

For ‘The Tasting Notes Book Club‘ this month, the book is ‘Mrs England’ by Stacey Halls. Now, when this was revealed, there was a lot of excitment amongst the bookclubbers. I was excited too, as always, however I am late to the Stacey Halls party. And, it certainly, looks like I have been missing out.

I was utterly absorbed in this book. It reads like a modern classic and is so atmospheric. I mean, a lonely house, linked to a mill on the Yorkshire Dales, is atmospheric on its own – but throw in a family that needs a nanny and goodness knows how many secrets, and you have a page-turner.

I don’t like to give spoilers, so I will go too much into the story other than to say there is a wonderful mystery woven into the tale and things are not quite as they seem. We are also given some fantastically strong female leads, which is always a joy to read.

For me, ‘Mrs England’ reminds me of Du Maurier, and I would certainly be intrigued to try more novels from Stacey Halls.

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