Thursday Thoughts: For the Love of Bookmarks

How many bookmarks is too many bookmarks? Obviously, asking for a friend…haha!

Bookmarks bring me almost as much joy as books – a bold statement, I know, but I have collected bookmarks for almost as long as I can remember.

I have really vivid memories of a Paddington Bear bookmark that I bought at a school book fair, and it soon becoming a treasured possession. Whenever I rediscover that bookmark, it brings back memories.

Then, bookmarks – especially leather ones – became the souvenir of choice on family days out (along with badges), as my mum always seemed to consider a bookmark a useful memento. It must have been because, even then, I was always reading and always had a book with me.

Yet, as I have got older, my love of bookmarks has continued. And there are so many wonderful small businesses out there creating such beautiful and happy bookmarks that just add to the joy of reading. Of course, some bookmarks are better for hardbacks and some are better for paperbacks – but they all keep your page safe for when you are ready to return to your book. Which is, of course, the most important point of all.

So, I feel the outcome of this random post is that bookmarks are just as valid a collection for bookworms as the books themselves.

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