The Truants by Kate Weinberg

This is book that I had seen a lot of hype about. However, I am not sure it is quite up to the hype, for me personally, anyway.

I felt that this book was lacking a little something – I saw all the twists come other than one. And I did not really feel a bond with the characters, other than a couple of the fairly minor ones.

It was wonderful the way it worked a study of Agatha Christie and her books into the plot. And, as a fan of her novels, I am tempted now to research more into the life of the Queen of Crime. Especially that famed disappearance that clearly has been an influence on the plot of this book.

This book was not unenjoyable to read, and I did want to know what conclusion would be reached. I needed to know that very final piece of the puzzle that I had not quite worked out. Although, I am not sure it is really truly concluded for you – you are probably required to reach your own conclusion.

I wouls suggest you give this book a go – however, if you are a fan of ‘whodunnits’, you may not be surprised by much of the book.

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