Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

I picked this book as my holiday read (I have been on a little trip to Jersey which I will tell you all about soon) as I had spotted it on a lot of social media. I knew nothing about the book and did not even read the back of it to find out. I just had a good feeling about this title and that feeling was correct.

This is a story which really does plant ‘little fires everywhere’ – the title is perfect. It refers not only to one event that draws us into the tale, but is also a perfect metaphor for events that every character experiences in the tale. This novel is an interesting study of human nature and the impact of nurture. It addresses some very difficult questions about family and the ‘rights’ of those in a family – however it may be formed.

Also, secrets and identity engage you in the tale. Secrets lead to misunderstanding and mistrust causing relationships to sour. However, are some secrets kept for the good of those involved? If it seems to those involved that it is not causing any harm?

The novel is engaging and thought provoking. You will like some characters, you may dislike others (I certainly did), but you will probably understand, if not agree, with the actions of those involved in the story.

So, if you are looking for a good story about characters this is the book for you!

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