Joe Nuthin’s Guide to Life by Helen Fisher

I was kindly invited to join the Tandem Collective Readalong for ‘Joe Nuthin’s Guide to Life’ by Helen Fisher. And, as a result, kindly gifted a copy of the book, too.

What a joy of a book this is. I could not put it down. Beautifully written, it introduces us to Joe, who is neurodiverse and is finding his way in the world with the help of his mother and ‘Hugo Boss’ at the ‘Compass’ store. Joe knows what he likes and he likes his life to be full of routine and order, but, when his Mum dies, he has to start finding his way in the world on his own – with a little help from his friends and the guides to life that his Mum has left to help him through. This book takes us with Joe as he navigates his way through life and finds out some of the realities of life that he may have been sheltered from before.

This story is just beautiful and the hashtag #bemorejoe could not be more apt. Joe is a fantastic character who teaches those around him as much as he learns from them. And I think it was quite a lesson in finding the joy in the simple things in life, and the importance of showing people kindness in all sorts of different situations. This is a book that I think will be an automatic recommendation from me. as I absolutely adored it – and I think it can teach the reader rather a lot, too.

It was a rather poignant read, too, as Joe’s favourite show, and pretty much the place he formed many of his views of the world, was ‘Friends’ – and, with the tragic death of Matthew Perry, I found this even more special and reflected on the comfort that our favourite things can bring us.

Helen Fisher has definitely become an author that I will be looking out for more books from over the next few years.

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