Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson

Do you read graphic novels? I often wish that I read more of them, as they are such a joy and there is such a range of them out there, it does seem a waste to not pick up more. Although one of my favourite reads was ‘When Stars are Scattered‘, also co-authored by Victoria Jamieson.

A very lovely bookstagram buddy gave me a copy of ‘Roller Girl’ and what an absolute beauty this book is. This is a book that so many should read who sometimes are not sure about their place in the world. (And I cannot promise you won’t want to consider donning your roller skates or roller blades after reading this).

Astrid is twelve years old and is used to doing everything with her best friend Nicole, even enduring her mum’s attempts to educate her and get her interested in culture. However, when she thinks she has found her thing in Roller Derby Camp, she assumes that Nicole will be willing to do exactly the same thing as she always seems to have done. Astrid has to learn to forge her own path and deal with the changing experience of growing up.

This is such a charming and heartwarming read and the illustrations are beautiful. I would love this to be on the shelves of so many young people as they navigate growing up and the path of self-discovery – there is something for everyone, as the story of Astrid and Nicole will be the story of so many.

Victoria Jamieson seems to know how to write stories that will support young people but also educate them in some of those tricky topics of the world. This is a book that I will be recommending, especially to some younger reluctant readers – I think this could be a gateway book to get them to read (along with ‘When Stars are Scattered’, of course).

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