The Vintage Shop of Second Chances by Libby Page

Libby Page is an author that has only come to my attention this year – when I read ‘The Lido‘ and loved it just as much as everyone else I know in the Bookstagram world. So, as a treat, I dedicated some reading time to ‘The Vintage Shop of Second Chances’ to kick start the summer break – and I am so glad that I did. This book is just beautiful, and I even shed a little tear.

Lou decides to finally follow her dream and start a vintage clothes shop back in her home town. In this shop hangs a beautiful yellow dress that belonged to her mother, but little does she know that the beautiful yellow dress is going to take her on a whole adventure. (And that is all that I am going to give you on the plot, as I really believe that you need to read this book). But, alongside her, Maggy and Donna also embark on adventures that they were not expecting and, together with Lou, learn something about themselves that they were probably not expecting. In fact, everyone has a second chance – but you will have to read it to find out what they may be.

Something that Libby Page does brilliantly is not just give us strong female characters, but also beautiful friendships across the generation gap. I love that the characters do not ever seem to be just friends with peers, but it demonstrates that friendship can blossom between all sorts of people and for all sorts of different reasons. This makes the story even more special.

This is a fabulous read about family, friendship, community and self-discovery. It proves that you are never too old to learn something new or make a fresh start – and that you should never be scared to do either.

If you are a fan of Libby Page, I would love to know what your favourite book is.

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