The Club by Ellery Lloyd

The pick for May for The Tasting Notes Book Club is ‘The Club’ by Ellery Lloyd. This is clearly a popular pick for book clubs, as it has also been picked by Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club – and she has great taste in books.

‘The Club’ is a whodunnit – with some twists and turns. This is not quite as simple as one victim and looking for the culprit. We end up with multiple victims, multiple suspects, an isolated crime scene and all sorts of secrets and lies which creates misdirection at times.

Now, I have to be honest, I think as I read this after ‘The Last Party’ by Clare Mackintosh and some of the themes and ideas were similar this did not quite hit the mark for me. It started a little slow for me; I wanted to be gripped from the moment that I picked up the book, and I am not sure I was. However, once all the juicy details about the characters started to be revealed, I was definitely more invested and intrigued to see where the story would take us.

There were some great characters, and definitely a few villians that you loved to hate – I mean, sometimes it is not a surprise who may meet a tragic end. It does also have one of those fantastic slightly open-ended conclusions that leaves you to make your own decisions about what may have happened next as you read the last line.

I definitely think that this will be a book that will be enjoyed by crime fans, I think I just caught it at the wrong time and may need to re-read it to allow it to have its own judgement, without a similar book having left a shadow.

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