A Fatal Crossing by Tom Hindle

My crime fiction addiction does not seem to have lessened over the last few weeks, it has simply been on pause as I have read some other genres.

So when my fantastic TBR Tarot Cards from Don’tJudgeBooksHQ suggested a book by a male author, I knew that I had to pick up ‘A Fatal Crossing’ by Tom Hindle. I thought it would be a perfect cosy crime novel for these cold and dark evenings – and I was correct.

A locked room mystery – or would locked ship be a better description? – we are on the ship Endeavour on its way to New York. A mysterious death brings together Timothy Birch, one of the ship’s officers, and Temple, a detective from Scotland Yard – or so he says. And, together, they attempt to solve the circumstances surrounding the mysterious death.

This book has everything you expect from a cosy crime novel set after the Great War. There are secrets, glamourous couples, mysterious women, valuable paintings (well, I guess this could be anything of value) and an unlikely crime-fighting duo. And, most importantly, that almighty twist that every good piece of crime fiction gives you.

So, if you are looking for a great piece of well-written and well-constructed cosy crime, then this is the book for you. A debut novel that takes you to the golden age of crime is one that, to be honest, everyone should be reading.

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