All About Evie by Matson Taylor

A year ago, I met Evie in the wonderful ‘Miseducation of Evie Epworth‘ by the equally wonderful Matson Taylor. And I was so excited to be reintroduced to Evie in ‘All About Evie’ – set ten years later, as Evie has established and is continuing to establish her life in London in the Seventies.

Now, I cannot spoil this book for anybody who may want to read it, which does make it a little hard to write a blog post about it. However, I will tell you that the fantastic humour we all loved in the first book is back and makes this story just as joyous as the first. I mean, I dare you not to laugh out loud through the very first chapter: if it can happen, then it will definitely happen to Evie.

Evie does have another journey of self-discovery when life reaches a crossroads she had not quite intended on (reference the rather funny incident at the very start of the book). Along the way, she encounters a colourful collection of characters – some who we know as old friends from the first book and some who are new – who lead her on all sorts of adventures and mishaps. Many of these will make you laugh, some may leave you with a little tear in your eye, but all of them will make you very pleased that you picked up the book.

And, this time, despite what the title may suggest, it is not all entirely about Evie. We find out a little more about some of our original friends from the first book, especially Mrs Scott-Pym and her family. And this strand is wound perfectly throughout the story.

So, basically, I loved it – it is that simple. It is beautifully written, full of humour and perfectly heartwarming.

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