The Fell by Sarah Moss

I actually had no idea what this book was about – I was simply attracted to the cover and the title. As well as having seen quite a few fans of Sarah Moss on bookstagram.

Well, it turned out to be my second piece of pandemic fiction in January – unintentionally. ‘The Fell’ s quite a poignant reflection of life in lockdown. The impact that the events had on four different individuals: a mother and son, an elderly neighbour and a mountain rescue volunteer. Quite a tense read, it really highlights how suffocating lockdown could be – even in the most open of places – and the impact it had on the wellbeing of so many. And the need to survive.

A beautifully written book, you will find yourself reflecting on it for quite some time. And it is certainly a reminder to be kind and support each other, as the world will possibly not be the same again.

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