Run by Ann Patchett

I picked this book up as part of the ‘The Tandem Collective’ #RunReadalong. I have never read a book by Ann Patchett before, but having seen ‘The Dutch House’ all over bookstagram I thought this may be a book to try.

As I started the book, I did not know what it was about (surprise). However, I was intrigued as I started. it has a wonderful opening line that draws the reader straight into the story. You want to know where this first line is going to lead you.

It leads you into a great exploration of family, and what exactly it means to be family. I found this fascinating as the story unfolded – especially when you come across the ‘subtle’ twist. This moment could change the path of the story, or your whole view of the characters. It is very clever, especially as Patchett leaves you wondering if Father Sullivan discovers the twist.

A book that encourages you to invest so much time into thinking is bound to stay with you even when you have put it down. I have found that the characters have not quite left me, the book concludes in a way that satisfied me – but I want to know more, I want to check in with them.

I am glad to have had the chance to discover a new novel and new author – so, thank you ‘The Tandem Collective’. I have already started looking for other books by Ann Patchett; this has certainly ben a lockdown highlight.

Have you discovered any new authors in these strange times?

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