Do No Harm by Jack Jordan

My desire to read thrillers continues and I had seen ‘Do No Harm’ everywhere in the book world. So, when this book hit the shelves in paperback, I knew I had to read it.

This is such a fascinating concept: a surgeon asked to do something that goes against everything she stands for…but if she does not, then her son’s life is in the balance. (This is not a spoiler, as this is all in the blurb…) As you can imagine, this leads to all sorts of twists and turns before we reach the end of the book.

Now, I did enjoy this book – even though I am never sure that ‘enjoy’ is the correct word for a thriller – and I did want to find out what was going to happen. However, I am not sure it was quite up to all the hype. It has a well-constructed plot, but there was something that held it back from being quite the hyped thriller that it has been in the book world. I think the ‘sparkle’ was missing for me, because I found the characters very dislikable and not people I felt much sympathy for, despite the very difficult situations they found themselves in. And I was not sure if some of the plot was a little far-fetched – which meant, at moments, you had to suspend your belief for some of the plot points.

I can understand why so many people have enjoyed this book, but, for me, it just slightly missed the hype. However, I would still suggest that people who want to read this and pick it up give it a go because there is so much love for this novel, and I did keep reading it until the end – so, something in there had me turning the pages and wanting to find out what happened.

If this is one you have read, I would love to know what you think.