The Fandom by Anna Day

This novel is incredibly clever; it is a story (maybe not the stressful aspects) that I think many ‘fans’ will have imagined. It is the concept of the experience of the ultimate fan fiction, having the opportunity to live the novel that you love.

There are so many nods to the novels such as ‘The Hunger Games’ that a fan of any such novels will be hooked. However, it does carry an important message about being true to yourself and not trying to fit a mould that other people may be trying to force you into. In fact, Katie is one of most fabulous characters I have encountered in a while. Although she plays more of a supporting role, she really demonstrates you don’t have to be what other people think you should be – she loves Shakespeare, not ‘The Gallows Dance’, and how to speak her mind – what a star! By the end, it is clear that ‘perfect’ is not always ‘perfect’ so why do we waste a lot of time focusing on it? In fact all the ‘flawed’ characters are the best!

The twist towards the end of the novel is a clever one and really did get me thinking about the amount of time some of us invest in those novels we are really ‘fans’ of. As well as, the pressure that some of the novelists may be under when they create some of these worlds to ensure that they keep them alive for those who read and love their books.

So, overall, this really was such a clever concept for a novel. Such a different take on some of the YA books we have recently grown to love – give it a go if you have ever read any of the recent dystopian YA fiction series novels because you may never look at them in the same way again.

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