The Secret Sunshine Project by Benjamin Dean

Me, My Dad and the End of the Rainbow‘ was such a fabulous book that I could not wait to read ‘The Secret Sunshine Project’ by Benjamin Dean. And, well, June seemed like the most perfect time to do it, with it being Pride month – although, of course, we can enjoy these books all year round.

This middle-grade book is such a joyful read – for readers of all ages. Bea and her family have to move to the countryside; something that her, her sister and her mother never thought that they would have to do, but after tragedy strikes when their Dad dies, they have no choice. However, this means that they will not be able to attend London Pride as they hoped, especially as that was a perfect day that they had shared all together just before their lives changed. Bea’s sister takes this news especially hard, as Pride held a very special place in her heart as she was able to celebrate her true self. So, Bea has a great idea: how can she bring the sunshine to her sister again?

There is so much fun amongst the pages of this book, and so many lessons that so many could take away with them. The celebration of being proud of who you are and never hiding your sunshine. Accepting everyone for exactly who they are. Family and friends coming in lots of different forms but always being centred around love and making memories. And, how everything can be a wonderful adventure, when you look for the sunshine.

So, please pick up the books of Benjamin Dean if you are looking for an uplifting read with a heart.

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