Theatre Club 2020 – Waitress

Theatre Club 2020 has started on a high. This year, I chose Waitress as the show to celebrate my friend’s birthday – the hype has dragged me in, no point denying it. And, wow, it is not over-hyped, but totally deserves all the hype.

We did not know the story at all before the performance, so everything was a wonderful surprise. Jenna knows life is not quite as she dreamed it would be. She is a waitress with an amazing talent for baking pies with a story – she also has great friends. However, when she realises she is pregnant and meets her new doctor – her life starts to change…

The really special thing about this show for me was that it is a tale of female empowerment. About having the confidence to know you don’t have to be what people think you should be – you have the potential to be whatever you want to be.

The music and songs are wonderful throughout. There is humour and warmth – and a great collection of characters. Sara Bareilles has the most wonderful voice and, as composer of Waitress, is a real treat in the lead role. However, this is another show that is not about a star but about an ensemble of great actors who bring the story to life for the audience.

I have also never been to a show before that has quite so much applauding at the end of each song. The fan dedication to this musical is amazing and I am now also ‘Team Waitress’. So, if you can’t catch it in London, there is always the tour – just try to see it, as it is a beauty.

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